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Don’t throw that bottle…yet.

So there I was after a huge social gathering and a whole lot of waste in my kitchen. For those of us who love to socialize but hate the clean-up afterwards, this one is right up your alley.

I had a lot of plastic bags left over from the shopping supplies stage, to a whole lot of soft drink cans and bottles lying around. Which if you’d know contributes to a lot of plastic waste and well let’s face it pure and simple trash.

I’m still settling in my new place and I have to get those little knick knacks that make a home maker’s life easier. Simple trifles really such as planters for new plants, bag dispensers, bird feeder etc…well you get the gist.

There I was looking at all this trash, when lady invention lent me her thinking cap with a little help from Google and Pinterest. What if my needs and the trash issue were solved at one go? Long shot, but I was willing to try.

Let’s face it contributing to plastic waste these days gives me the jitters. Of course in the Middle East where I’m residing at the moment, it isn’t paid a moment’s notice and things are bought, junk accumulated, junk thrown and new things bought, the cycle continues… But I digress from my main topic i.e converting waste to usable items around the house.

I took a can of 7-up (2.25 L) and well I have need of a bag dispenser, so that’s what I did with it. Cut the upper third of the bottle (the one which has the bottle cap on – don’t worry we can use this later) and voila there you have it! A Home-made bag dispenser.


Home made bag dispenser and re-use of bottle cap as packet sealant


I got this idea from a couple of posts on Pinterest and this lovely blog “Apartment therapy” as well. Also do check out Stephanie Lynn’s post here, she has some amazing ideas on how to re-use old plastic bottles. I loved the planter tip especially! When I try it out, will post here for sure.

Another idea to make a home bag dispenser is an old tissue box. Just fold all the packets, and stuff them in the space for tissues, to be pulled out one at a time just like facial tissues!

The top half of the bottle can be kept aside for use when you have open packets of anything lying around. Pull the plastic through the neck of the bottle half and screw on the cap. Voila! Instant packet sealant for you!

Tip: To smoothen the hard jagged edges of the plastic bottle  and the bottle half; after cutting, hold the bottle edge close to open flame (but away from your hands!) and keep rotating, the plastic folds in itself, so it’s quite easy. To be safer wear rubber gloves else just take extra precaution while rotating the bottle.

Well that’s it for today folks,

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