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Al Buraimi, Oman, Sohar

Drive through Sohar, Oman – mix of old and new

When we were based in Abu Dhabi UAE, we would spend most weekends traveling down to Dubai and Sharjah to meet my husband’s folks and mine. Being Indians, we are lucky that we almost always find family around the places we live in. Especially the Gulf and especially the Emirates. Most times aunts, uncles, cousins, and then we have troops of someone who knows someone, and then family friends, well you get the drift; the list is endless.

Sometimes, the socializing can wear you down, so one Friday, we packed our bags, and decided we’d drive down to Muscat, Oman. It’s another story we couldn’t reach Muscat, since we started late on Friday. Point to all those who wish to drive from Abu Dhabi – start early, one of the check-posts for the Oman UAE border is in Al Ain and unless you’re familiar with the merry-go-round city, start extremely early. Else you’d miss your way and keep taking false turns around the roundabouts!

So we didn’t make it till Muscat, but the traveler in us refused to stay put. We reached the UAE border check post of Al-Ain late in the night, after a lot of false turns; courtesy, the roundabouts of Al-Ain. Stamped our visas around 11 pm, drove into Al-Buraimi, checked into the Al-Massa Hotel, which incidentally was very nice for a three star hotel.

Early the next morning, we started our long drive. At this point we were just going to take it as it came, since it was a Saturday and we had to be back before nightfall as work in the Gulf starts on Sunday.

The drive was leisurely, Omanis are quite warm and hospitable, most Middle-Eastern folks are; but Omanis have a certain dignity of labour that they carry as a badge on them. It’s a treasure to see Omanis, carry out hard labour or menial jobs with a smile and such innate grace. Catch Indians doing that! We’d look at it as livelihood and a chore, not something to do with a smile. We have this sense of false superiority that the best jobs are the professional ones, but I’m glad that the general attitude is changing. Finding the passion and enthusiasm for whatever you do, be it small or big is important.

Anyway, I digress, Coming back to our drive, we finally reached Sohar at half past 12 in the afternoon. There was a bit of traffic on the way as I recall so that could have delayed us as well. Like I said, I can’t stress enough on starting early.

There was a lovely seafood restaurant quite literally by the seaside and that’s where we had our lunch. And what a feast it was! The catch was fresh, the seasoning perfect, the food was flavorful and steaming hot. Now that’s indulgence in the good life indeed.

And here are the pics…You can click a photo to view all as a gallery also.



You can read about Al-Buraimi, sister oasis to Al Ain here. You can also read about the Omani government’s plans for Sohar here.

Do let me know in your comments, how you liked these pics and if you’ve ever been to Sohar or Oman? And if you do know of any other places we might have missed?


Happy reading till next time,



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