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Blogging 101, Writing 101

Who am I?

Now I can’t get stuck merely writing adjectives popping in my head, like I did with my About page. So I’ve logged on to the courses namely -Blogging 101 and Writing 101.

I think I will combine the two for today. So today our Writing 101 instruction was to just write for 20 (twenty!) straight minutes. No edits, no pauses, no umms and no aahs. I’m guessing I’m going to overshoot the time limit here. Any takers here any one? Do you feel the same?

The Blogging 101 course for the day starts off on a philosophical note – Who am I and what am I doing here? Well I haven’t figured that out yet for the last twenty odd years of my life; I guess I will in the next 20 mins.

The best part is I get to do this online in front of everyone. Why? O you mean why do I subject myself to public embarrassment or why do I subject everyone out there to my personal embarrassment?

Well I think that’s the point. Courage is key to writing and publishing. Else we wouldn’t have mind stones titled writers’ blocks. So I’m picking up the fingers and risking CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome) for gaining some courage and hopefully some insight on why exactly am I risking opening my life to scrutiny from my friends, family, my going-to be friends, my going-to be employees, employers, vendors, suppliers, clients…do I add exes here if any? Or does that go in the addendum clause?

Sorry got carried away. Happens when you have a time limit of 20 mins and yes no pauses, periods, commas, I’m using too many! etcetera etcetera.

I can hear myself asking and probably you, when are you getting to the point!? Well. The point is I don’t have a point yet.

I am a person who loves to talk, but not too much – gives me a mouth ache (ever had / heard of one of those? The ones where your mouth aches literally from talking or smiling too much. No? Then why are you here – reading me??)

Ok talking done, I can also listen, frequently and pretend to listen infrequently. Now I have you guessing which I do with you don’t I 🙂

I have a lot of friends, and a lot of people who consider themselves my friends. We all do; don’t we, in this age of FB, Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, do I have to list it out? That population just keeps growing, how I wish my bank balance multiplied in the same way!

I think I can garden, the same way I think I can write. I cook and on occasions when I experiment with different creations – well let’s just say there’s a 50:50 chance it can swing either way. I must note here I have a praise-worthy and extremely patient husband who doesn’t order take-out (even when he sees the food!) and dampen my creativity.

Thank You Z! I have a quote just for him, should he stop by here: “I love being my husband’s wife.

I love to cook for everyone who stops by home; I love to keep pushing the furniture around my house to give it a new look – a lot of people can attest to this. I mean get it notarized and all.

I also like to garden, paint, draw, travel – see new places, decorate, get creative and do DIY projects, dress well, shopping (oh I love shopping for jewelry esp. chunky rings!) and so much more…

Okay let’s be honest, I haven’t done much gardening and well much of the above, but that’s just it. That’s why I’m here and you guys are subjected to this blog. I like the ring of that – subjects to my blog…I forget I get to be subject to your blogs too 😉

Anyway, digression aside, this is why I’m here. Get myself out in the open. Hopefully no more procrastination. A lot of motivation to keep these projects / goals out there so at least mentally I know someone, somewhere is checking up on me.

And that’s why I’m looking to find like minded friendly bloggers out there who share my interests, and can open my mind to new ones. I think I’ll also find people who’d give me a different perspective of what I already think I know.

I’m hoping to keep this up throughout the next year or so, so that’s a lot of courage I’m looking to shore up as well as build a thick skin? Though I’m unsure if that’s necessary…what do you think?

I’d definitely look for help along the way, at least for the assignments, so I don’t ramble on the next time, I’ll probably head to the Commons.

So that’s it. (Thankfully!)

Let me know how this went,

and hopefully things will be shorter next time,



About Sanaa Tarneem

The best thing about being a woman, is to have a little fun... Straightforward, forthright, simple at heart, a foodie, an explorer, extremely adaptable to life!...a lawyer, a closet writer, a good friend, a not-so-secret agony aunt...the list could go on, but the only way is to find out is by reading...


4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Awesome flow of words Sanaa…love your style:) All the best!

    Posted by bhaswatidas2014 | 09/16/2014, 5:07 am
  2. You can definitely keep this up 🙂 Just don’t give up!

    Posted by Jeyna Grace | 09/17/2014, 3:25 am

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