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Writing 101

Serial writer on the loose – any takers?

My writing 101 course is to write in a serial fashion. At least start. Today’s post would be the first one. They’ll let us know when we’re to write next. How thoughtful, I must say. Keeping us waiting like that. We have nothing better to do, don’t we.
Regardless, however I’m still here and hopefully you’re too. So they’re doing something right. To not make this about all about me, I’m to write about loss. It’s not to be a Greek tragedy, though if that’s my thing, I can write about that as well.
I think my loss today was that chance meeting with Father time. You see, I didn’t spend enough time on the things I had to do the most and now I’m filled with guilt. Regret? Not yet. Only if it has consequences, then like the actors in a Greek tragedy, regret, guilt, worry, anxiety and stress will rear their faces and make their appearance.
Since I’m the director (and the script-writer) I have control over who says what and for how long. The question is do I really have control?
What if someone…everyone, decides to improvise on the grand night of my play?
Will I then think of my loss?
I think I already am…

Pondering away,

Yours serial blogger (trying to be)


About Sanaa Tarneem

The best thing about being a woman, is to have a little fun... Straightforward, forthright, simple at heart, a foodie, an explorer, extremely adaptable to life!...a lawyer, a closet writer, a good friend, a not-so-secret agony aunt...the list could go on, but the only way is to find out is by reading...


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