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Blogging 101, Writing 101

Wordpress themes. Blogging 101 course assignment…Sigh!

No, no please not this, or that or that or that…maybe that one yes? yes? yes? YES!

After I went through all that and chose my current theme. I have this new assignment.

Today’s assignment: try out at least three other themes — even if you’re happy with the one you first chose. Try one you’re drawn to, and one you would never use.

I’m not putting myself through heartbreak, mental agony and the dropkickmurphys again for a theme! OK, so I won’t mind the murphy refrains.

Jokes apart, I pretty much tested out everything there that I liked and some I didn’t like either for the blog I now inhabit.

I like this dress, thank you very much, for myself at the moment and I see myself keeping it for some time. The least of which is I’m still figuring out what fits where – headers, menus etcetera. There don’t let me put you off the whole experience.I’ll even show you others I chose and liked.

I’m currently using the Morning After theme which is free. And right now I can give you examples of free themes, because that’s what I would choose for myself.

  1. I really liked the Hero theme – clean magazine feel to it. My content however sometimes has a lot of photos and sometimes none. Plus, I’m quite new to cracking the code on how to work themes to my advantage even this current one. So I gave it a miss, I did try it on for size though. Wasn’t the right fit at the time, perhaps next time?
  2. 2014 – Liked this one too, can’t remember why I gave it back at the counter. But then I was looking out for something that said ME and this one was too boring as I recall.
  3. Bushwick theme is one I’d used for sometime before this one and I think we decided to amicably part ways to try on new people and in my case themes for size. I give you Bushwick.

I’d love to try on Pictorico had I been a photo blogger instead of a mish-mash.

And no I don’t want to be drawn to the Coraline theme. Don’t ask why, all I can say it’s not my neighborhood and I gather she doesn’t like me too much either.

So those are my themes, what are yours? By the way on the same note, which theme do you think would suit me and my blog better?


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