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Left overs and Yummy food

Quite a paradox.  Left overs translating to yummy food, but that’s exactly what this post is about.

So usually I face the issue of leftovers. The eternal question arises: Store  / Distribute / Throw? The last option is utilised only in cases of dire necessity ( read food spoilage )😯

I try my best to avoid the last one but then inspite of your disapproving clucks it does sometimes happen. Anyone else face this?

Any way one evening this month I had a lot of khichdi. Khichdi is an Indian dish with lentils rice and spices- a whole meal in itself.  So i had a lot of khichdi which obviously was a lot for two and a half people.  I distributed but it still wasn’t  enough. Hmmm….

I racked  my brains and then came up with THIS DISH.


Rice balls

That’s right. A great snack to have at tea time or just by itself. Oh and that’s mint chutney. Incidentally i had a big bunch of mint at hand…Success! Anyone celebrating with me😁?

How to make them:

Get your leftover rice  in a bowl, in my case that was khichdi. Add enough medium grained semolina to make it crispy.  I can’t give exact proportions as it’s all relative to the amount of leftovers.


I added some red chilly powder (to your taste preference), salt to taste, cumin seeds, 5-6 chopped  green chillies, Italian seasoning, a bunch of chopped  cilantro.

Knead this mixture into firm balls with a dash of water and shallow or deep fry.  I shallow fried them. If they break apart add more semolina (rava / sooji)to them for binding.


Rice balls being fried


Ta-Da!! Rice balls ready to be snacked on! You can try any seasoning you like…that’s the beauty of this dish.


These were finished before the first click!

Do let me know what you think of them and if you do try them out.  Would love to hear from you!



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