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How to clean your fridge and freezer in 120 minutes

I did think of sitting this one out, I’ll  have you know. Old habits die  hard, however I  decided to just roll up my sleeves and be done with it. 

I fought long and hard internally. Reasons:
1. I didn’t want to plaster my infamous fridge and freezer pics all over the Internet.
2. Even if I did post them, in the after shots  I’d  imagined my fridge being the epitome of chic reorganisation ala Your modern family or Sarah Mae or even Organising Home life one day at a time or perhaps even Good bye House Hello Home! With those lovely fridge bins and what not.
Not having bought any put a slight dent in my enthusiasm and resolve.
3.  I’ll  note this here when i remember what I  wanted to write  about. Did anyone read up on pregnancy amnesia?

Anyway long story short, I did it! I cleaned my fridge and freezer unclean from a good 9 months. 
Steps I followed for those of you who like lists…
1. Grab trash  bags
2. Make sure countertops are free of clutter.
3. Make sure sink or bathtub free for cleaning all the shelves that come out from the lion’s  den.
4. If you’re preggers make sure you squat and lean in thé right way and give yourself plenty of breaks.  Snacks, bathroom. ..doesn’t matter.
5. I don’t have a 5.
6. Ok remembered no.5. keep mild soapy water with a scotch brite sponge and a micro fiber cloth for cleaning. Alternatively you could use a quart of baking soda and water. The idea is no harsh chemicals.

Here’s  what I did via pictures as I’m having writers  block at 12 am in the morning.


That's what my fridge looked like


And that's what my counter top looked like


My freezer before

And the cleaning in progress


cleaning the big cold cave


Don't forget the door!


You get the picture. Enough shown.  Now the Make Over…Voila!


Ta da!

I used cling wrap on the shelves of the fridge. Put in make shift  trays and baskets and kept my curry in the dish it was cooked in as I’m  making a case for my fridge bins and the fridge containers that I  sooo want! I hope DH is listening in;)!

That’s it folks! it’s post 12 am in the kingdom and I’m turning in!  I hope you guys keep ready my badge for good girl who followed through on her word albeit a little late. Come to think of it, let it be.

Take care!  Have a great weekend and till  Saturday! !



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