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The best thing about being a woman, is to have a little fun... Straightforward, forthright, simple at heart, a foodie, an explorer, extremely adaptable to life!...a lawyer, a closet writer, a good friend, a not-so-secret agony aunt...the list could go on, but the only way is to find out is by reading...
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So, I’m back. Most posts of mine start off in the same way each year, makes one wonder if I have an issue or several. Well quite literally I’ve had an issue. One who’s two and shall turn three this year. That’s right, my exile was due to (erm) (blissful?) Motherhood. Anyway, I’m just about … Continue reading

On a break

This blogger shall be back next week…Keep looking for updates!

Chicken for thé soul

Made chicken fried rice today with some leftover rice and some new rice, chopped  boneless chicken, chopped veggies some soy sauce and egg. Well what do you think?

Took a day off!

Took a day off yesterday. look  forward to posting tomorrow.

Who knew?

Who knew the many changes a body undergoes to bring  a life into this world Who knew that each day will bring with it its own joy,new experiences,  and difficulty Everyone tells you couched in abstract terms, for each the journey is different Who knew that you’d love the feeling of the experience…but be torn … Continue reading

Keep up promises

Sounds like a new year resolution doesn’t it? Well it’s not way off the mark in my case as I’d promised you all a Saturday and well  technically (again! )I’m here at the very end of a Saturday.  But the important fact remains…I’M HERE! YEAY! I don’t have much by way of organisation to share … Continue reading

How to clean your fridge and freezer in 120 minutes

I did think of sitting this one out, I’ll  have you know. Old habits die  hard, however I  decided to just roll up my sleeves and be done with it.  I fought long and hard internally. Reasons: 1. I didn’t want to plaster my infamous fridge and freezer pics all over the Internet. 2. Even … Continue reading

Goal: De-clutter and re-organise my life!

Now that we’re expecting our own little gift, I realised that we needed  to get our lives in order to welcome him or her.  Also making it easier on ourselves if we had some semblance of organisation as well.  To that effect I logged  on to Pinterest and got utterly and completely lost. Well obsessed … Continue reading

Left overs and Yummy food

Quite a paradox.  Left overs translating to yummy food, but that’s exactly what this post is about. So usually I face the issue of leftovers. The eternal question arises: Store  / Distribute / Throw? The last option is utilised only in cases of dire necessity ( read food spoilage )😯 I try my best to … Continue reading

Sugar, Spice, Everything nice

It’s been ages since I went live with a post, quite literally a new year for me regarding blogging. I know it’s March but still in the first quarter makes me want to push the envelope a bit! So the reason I’ve been away is that we realised we shall have a new addition to … Continue reading

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