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On a break

This blogger shall be back next week…Keep looking for updates! Advertisements

Who knew?

Who knew the many changes a body undergoes to bring  a life into this world Who knew that each day will bring with it its own joy,new experiences,  and difficulty Everyone tells you couched in abstract terms, for each the journey is different Who knew that you’d love the feeling of the experience…but be torn … Continue reading

Goal: De-clutter and re-organise my life!

Now that we’re expecting our own little gift, I realised that we needed  to get our lives in order to welcome him or her.  Also making it easier on ourselves if we had some semblance of organisation as well.  To that effect I logged  on to Pinterest and got utterly and completely lost. Well obsessed … Continue reading

Liebster award – YEay!

I’m about 15 days late and several minutes depending upon time zones. My defense is I got here as soon as I can. Sorry Sonia! The Liebster award won’t keep an undisciplined blogger away and it won’t certainly keep me. More about my fight with myself in another post, but first the award. I have … Continue reading

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